domingo, 22 de junio de 2014



After my beautiful bond, 
my lover was my husband, 
my adventures in scrapping ... 
It was my husband and loved. 

After the brief ceremony, 
and after the feast, 
beautiful as a bride ... 
We went to nap.  

Maiden in my bed; 
passion broke, 
and had no more borders ... 
Just petting and love. 

Ungrateful But fate; 
and that happened a year ago, 
'm going bad time ... 
 I'm alive and I wonder. 

I have tears in my eyes; 
and in my mind the insanity, 
my eyes red ... 
I've lost to sanity. 

Still remember those kisses; 
caresses my skin, 
kissing my tender breasts ... 
With the sweetness of honey. 

With very narrow hugs; 
had it as a mount, 
its going to look at the ceiling ... 
!Our love crazy! 

In my heart there is no doubt; 
for he would give up my life, 
life being too hard ... 
I felt very loved. 

Since that accident black; 
have not lifted his head, 
that incident destination ... 
My soul was in sadness . 

I was very badly injured; 
woke up in the hospital, 
that soul so dear ... 
I shall never forget!.


My body without her beauty; 
I was in a wheelchair, 
but life remains unscathed ... 
To live,. while you can. 

Why on that trip; 
chasing us death?, 
with my wedding dress ... 
We were very lucky. 

Turned into drama Honey; 
a truck into the car, 
while the moon was shining ... 
When I closed the night. 

A three-axle truck; 
a monster on the road, 
what no God to handle?... 
She stole my entire life. 

Railed against the car; 
saw the driver asleep,  
that crime committed ... 
murdered my husband!.  

My body went flying; 
not wearing a seat belt, 
was devouring fire after the crash, 
an explosion. 

Lying on the sidewalk; 
bleeding from my wounds, 
as white as a sheet ... 
I felt abandon life.  

My love waits for me in heaven; 
this life is a nightmare, 
feel heat and feel jealous ... 
I've already written in my journal. 

I feel the poison in my blood; 
I lost consciousness, 
the love that I worship ... 
I've given my innocence. 

Wait for my love;
!that want to be with you, 
! much I love you my God ... 
  I will be happy .. Contigo

"Guti" "The Ballad".  

Janet Jackson - Any Time, Any Place (Video) on MUZU.TV.